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1st-Jan-2025 10:43 pm - [sticky post] Welcome to The Lovely Archives! ♥
Fangirl Love

Hello all ♥

You've somehow reached Meika's writing dump. To spare everyone from losing brain cells, only the courageous and insane members of this community (love you guys ♥ ) can read the stories. Comment to be one of them~

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So if you guys are into visual novels, I recommend Cafe 0 : The Drowned Mermaid created by roseVeRte. It's definitely not your everyday fluff-filled Otome game. Even though some of its endings can be improved, I personally found the turn of events to be compelling and psychologically terrifying.

You play as Marin Umino (name changeable), a girl without any memories and suddenly finds herself in a mysterious cafe. Assisting you is one of the cafe's waiters, Sui, who informs you that you're already dead. The entirety of the game takes place 7 days prior to your death, and your goal is to find the truth about who you really are, how and why you died, and how the characters are related to your life and death.

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WARNING: Beyond this point, there will be MAJOR spoilers that can ruin your gaming experience. Continue at your own risk.

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